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The Freemen News-Letter is a publication hosted by The Freemen Foundation, with newsletters covering various topics, including popular culture, history, book reviews, education, legal analysis, constitutional law & scholarship, international affairs, economics, outdoorsmanship, conservative living, theology, philosophy, and long-form essays. This publication is an expansion of Justin Stapley’s Self-Evident newsletter, which he operated as his own project from 2020-2023.

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Our Mission

In line with The Freemen Foundation’s mission to conserve and renew American constitutionalism, the mission of the Freemen News-Letter is to provide a space for an intellectual dialogue and dialectic on American society, American government, and American culture. We recognize that the idea of American constitutionalism reflects both the written and unwritten realities of what constitutes a nation, and that discovering such realities requires the interaction of various perspectives. While the Freemen News-Letter will not be operated as an open forum (we will curate content to ensure it falls within the vision and general ideals of The Freemen Foundation), we nevertheless want contributors to explore the issues, to offer their opinions, and to even engage in healthy and respectful debates as we explore the traditions, principles, and future of American constitutionalism.

Our Newsletters

The Freemen News-Letter publishes a newsletter, at minimum, each morning of the week. We choose which newsletter to run each day depending on our bullpen of submissions and the timeliness of those submissions. Our list of newsletters, which may or may not be published each week, currently includes the following (Subscribers can choose to follow all, only some, or even just one of our offered newsletters depending on the desired content they would like delivered to their inbox):

Res Publica: This is our political philosophy and republicanism newsletter, offering perspectives on the first principles of free government relevant to timely topics and timeless values.

Right & Reason: Our newsletter for constitutional discussion and legal analysis, with contributions discussing and debating the development of American constitutionalism, the constitutional questions of our time, and questions regarding historical and contemporary legal questions.

The Deep Roots: Our history newsletter, with content teaching, discussing, and debating the impacts of American history and relevant world history to the development of American constitutionalism and free societies.

Out of the Best Books: Our non-fiction book review newsletter, with reviews on both classic and contemporary books related to history, politics, and philosophy.

City On a Hill: Our newsletter for international affairs and foreign policy, with contributions wrestling with the reality of America as both the first and foremost free nation in the world and as the default leader of the free world through our military strength and economic capacity.

The Essayist: Our newsletter for long-form essay treatments on various topics, with a higher academic rigor than our other newsletters.

Vine & Fig Tree: Our newsletter for economic theory and economic policy, with contributions discussing the benefits of the free market, property rights, and consumer-driven societies.

Conviction & Conscience: Our newsletter for discussions on theology and conservative lifestyles, with contributions exploring the importance of religion in developing virtue in a free society and other important aspects of navigating the liberty afforded in a free society without falling into vice and licentiousness.

The Saucer: Our newsletter for shorter, news cycle-based observations and arguments offered by any previous or current contributors.

The Timberline: Our newsletter for outdoorsmanship, including contributions discussing hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and all other topics related to outdoor living.

The Seeing Place: Our popular culture newsletter, with movie reviews, video game reviews, fiction book reviews, and much more.

Who Writes Our Content?

The content of our newsletters is provided by a rotating list of freelance contributors, as well as by our editorial staff.

In keeping with our mission to provide discussion, dialectic, and debate, we publish broad views and perspectives on our relevant topics, and while our editorial staff will endeavor to ensure our content stays within the broad scope of our non-profit vision, nothing published in the Freemen News-Letter should be construed as reflecting the opinions or views of the Freemen News-Letter, the Freemen Foundation, or the Executive Board.

All published content, including pieces written by editorial staff, reflect the views and opinions of the author(s) alone.

Crucially, in keeping with the Freemen Foundation’s charter to operate within the legal boundaries of 501(c)3 tax exemption, neither the Freemen Foundation nor the Freemen News-Letter offers endorsements of political candidates, engages in legislative lobbying as a major activity in our efforts, or operates as a partisan actor in any capacity. To the extent any of the content published by the Freemen News-Letter, including that authored by any member of our editorial staff, engages in such activity, it is as a reflection of the personal opinion of the author and is not endorsed by the Freemen Foundation or the Freemen News-Letter.

If you’d like to become a contributor, please fill out our submissions form.

About The Freemen Foundation

The Freemen Foundation is a nonprofit effort based in Utah with the mission of conserving and renewing American constitutionalism, built upon the fusionism of the founding project inherent in the balance of concerns between virtue, sovereignty, and liberty. The Freemen News-Letter is its flagship offering, and in future years hopes to expand to additional printed offerings as well as the hosting of roundtables, debates, and conferences on American constitutionalism.

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The Freemen News-Letter is a publication hosted by The Freemen Foundation, offered at no cost to subscribers & dedicated to elevating political dialogue in America by providing content that discusses & debates America's written & unwritten constitutions.


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