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Good points. I agree that capitalism isn’t the problem, crony capitalism and corruption is. And actual crimes. Scammers aren’t capitalists, they’re criminals.

Reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about recently. Capitalism is the only system that actually increases wealth (creates extra value on the balance sheet at the end of the year). Everything other system is zero sum. Labor and resources are finite. Technically, innovation and technological progress can create new wealth in any system, but capitalism stimulates more of both than any other system can. But capitalism is the only system that can create new wealth/value even apart from labor, resources, existing capital, innovation, and technological change.

“ Capitalism, and that republican form of government that best complements it, is not only not heartless, it is one of the only economic theories in the history of mankind that grants each individual their natural dignity and autonomy. No one’s interest should be deemed to be outside the grant of liberty guaranteed by a free government.”

My only pushback is on social Darwinism. Jonah Goldberg had a good episode of the Remnant where he read from one of his books and debunked the claims (which I learned in high school history) about social Darwinism being an actual school of thought.

Here’s the episode:


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