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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Justin Stapley

So much rich content here I have to categorize my comments:

- Two or three person debates as opposed to dumb, 90 second sound bites dictated by too many on the stage

- I am huge believer in liberty but we also live in a society with public spaces, for example a protester can protest in a park, but not on a road (without permit) and not in my front yard.

- So many RDS mistakes. His online X launch, not doing hostile media (he later changed that and does great on CNN, and not going after Trump a little harder. And he is really good at long form answers which is why he does well here but not in soundbites.

BUT there is an issue not addressed here. In a perfect Republic Mitch Daniels would have been nominated and Liz Cheney would still be in Congress in place of Lauren Boebert. Unfortunately we are on planet Earth and RDS has a, well, a connection issue that Haley does not. Being the best for the job and GETTING the job are often two different things.

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