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Jeff and I must be thinking with the same brain because my son I and were debating Tik Tok just yesterday! As Jeff clearly states, the issue with the Alien and Sedition Acts was the use against domestic political foes. It was the US government itself regulating the speech of US citizens. It was a heinous act.

I think this group would know that I am pretty open on free speech. For instance I would allow (PERMITTED) Nazi rallies or American communists to publish works. But sometimes decisions are gray and Tik Tok is one of them. Here is the dichotomy. If the Islamic Republic of Iran were to start a video sharing company, and publish works deleterious to our Republic would we ban that? I get that teens dancing on Tik Tok seems benign but the people who the platform are not - the government of a nation that at times is hostile to us. I would ban it.

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