I agree with Justin's position today as stated in my own piece on this subject. Where I differ is Justin probably had better forsight than I. In 2016, on the hope (which is NOT a strategy) I voted for Trump thinking he might grow into the office. And again in 2020 because I liked enought of his policies. It was not just January 6, but also the lead up to that day that permanently changed my view. Should I have predicted it like Justin? Probably. But I cannot go back and change that, only decide with what I know. And Justin makes the great case for why I, a conservative, cannot vote for Biden. If one needed a reminder, the WH just declared this, Holy Sunday, a day of trans celebration. Seriously.

And finally Justin made an awesome point. The "existential" election is a great way to stir up the base, generate donations and achieve high turnout. It is awful for society and blatantly untrue. But let's assume that is rot in our nation that not today, five, ten or 15 years may not manifest. But in 20 or 30 years will lead to a permanent decline ala Britain or France. Things like destruction of institutions, piling up of debt, and cessation of a strong role abroad to communist China, thuggish Russia or theocratic Iran? Neither of our current candidates are doing, nor will do anything meaningful to address long terms issues such as these.

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Man, I could not agree more. I’m so glad you continue to reject the “binary choice.”

“the terrible choice from 2020 has repeated itself demonstrates to me that when we vote for lesser evils again and again, that’s all we’re ever going to get.”

That’s a good line.

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