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Excellent defense of an unpopular aspect of our American system! I would prefer two different parties to the current two we have (at least in their current form - both could be better versions of themselves), but you’re absolutely right. Wishcasting about multiparty systems, and grass-is-greener comparisons are wrong. If normal people leave the two parties to the crazies, both parties would be crazy.

I wanted to double-click/underline the point about the weakness/susceptibility of parliamentary systems to takeover/overthrow. Our system is far more robust to potential Weimar-Nazi-style coups.

What people don’t get about our system vs. parliamentary/multiparty systems is that the fundamental difference between the two is that in our system, both parties are the government. In those other systems, the government is the majority coalition period. The opposition is irrelevant. The phrase “forming a government” is literal. A Republican Senator is still a part of our government. A minority party politician in the British Parliament is just a guy.

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