Reagan said that anyone who agreed with him 80% of the time was 80% his friend not 20% his enemy. Like you and Liz Cheney, I find myself grappling with the question of how best to move the Republican Party away from Trumpism, because the party isn’t going anywhere any time soon, as much as I’d love to turn my back on it. Anti-Trump conservatives can’t afford to kick anyone out of the anti-Trump coalition. Sure, I’d love to have president Ben Sasse and I’d love to see Trump excised entirely, but politics is hardball and anyone on the right who opposes Trump is on my side, whether they do so in quietly or loudly. The truth is that we need both the loud and bold Liz Cheneys, who demonstrate courage and hardline principle, and the quieter Republicans who will nonetheless be a part of any future non-Trump party, and the Mitch McConnells in between. Impossible fights, like the one Cheney has chosen, nonetheless serve a purpose of inspiring others and showing what is possible. I’m glad she is clear and forthright. If she wasn’t doing what she is, we would need someone else to do it. By any stretch of the imagination, Liz Cheney is to Donald Trump’s right. We need people like her who can show very clearly that strong opposition to Trump doesn’t make someone a Democrat. Sure, we also need to not kick out the Peter Meijers of the world: if he has to say he supports Trump now but it gets him elected it will have been worth it because when it matters he won’t be a sycophant. When it comes to anti-Trump republicans, I’ll take anyone I can get.

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