I agree with this. I think there should be one age of majority. If we decide full citizenship starts at 18, then we should mean that. If we decide it’s 21, then we should raise the voting age, draft/military age, age of criminally being charged as an adult etc.

I think it should be 18. How do you feel about lowering the drinking and smoking age to 18 as well as laws about car rental and jury duty etc.? It seems to me that having a single age of majority would also help solve our coming of age crisis as we would have a clearer marker of when a person becomes an adult.

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Jun 8, 2022·edited Jun 8, 2022Author

I wouldn't necessarily oppose such an approach, though my main concern is for enumerated rights under the Constitution and I'm less worried about status laws concerning privileges. I agree with you point, though, that addressing the coming of age crisis should be one of our considerations as well.

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That makes sense.

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