One typo I wanted to bring to your attention. It’s “social cues” not “social queues.”

I think you strike the right balance. Some content moderation is fine (because Twitter is a private company) and good (because you want to be able to stop people from being incredibly abusive). But the Left wants to police truth. “Misinformation” quickly becomes “whatever we don’t like.”

The Left has been trying to write conservatism out of the Overton Window for 75 years (or more). One day we will wake up and someone will “fact check” the statement “The USSR was a Marxist regime” to be “false.” And then after that, defending capitalism will become “disinformation.” I think the whining by Trumpist types about Big Tech silencing them is overblown. But it comes from a legitimate place of anger over the fact that progressivism has used dirty tricks to malign the Right for decades.

Good luck to Elon. I hope he does a good job. I think you hit on part of the Left’s anger towards him with the “rich white man,” line. Some on the left reflexively hate anyone who has money, especially a white male.

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Good catch on the typo.

I think you're precisely right. I've observed an intense shift in the Overton Window on Twitter just in the last few years. A firm grasp on where the "center" is is quite illusive on the platform. I don't look forward to dealing with more MAGA types as more people flock back to Twitter, but I am looking forward to more diversity in the interaction and, hopefully, more bread-and-butter conservatives who were never very enamored with Trump but also don't make opposition to him the summum bonum of their activism.

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