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Great points and I love this point counterpoint here between Justin and Benjamin. As an RDS supporter I have to confess to being more on the Justin side. The more the electorate sees of RDS, the more he falls. And the problem with the RDS supporters will go to Trump? Thinking they are already there. As noted I like RDS but if he drops, it is to Haley I would journey.

And here is a point I made in he comments on the Benjamin article with a little twist, the beer question. It is an infantile approach to politics to say you vote for which you would rather share a beer, but go down through the past 9 or 10 presidential elections and it seems to work! The beer question is really a euphemism for charisma, and Haley has more of it.

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I just took a quick look at the RCP polling average. Were the entire non-MAGA base to consolidate around a single candidate, it would total around 33 percent; Trump is at 62 percent. It's hard to see anyone in the field overcoming that advantage, no matter who it is or what the GOP donor class tries to do.

It's Trump because Trump is the guy they want. He's the embodiment of all their grievances. It's an emotional connection no amount of political tradecraft can break.

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