Swift has been ingenious at marketing and branding, but her music is reflective of an era in which very few people write actual melodies any more. Her music is rap music without the punch and the engaging rap-beat. A bit like Hindemith without the avant-garde frisson.

Maybe I'm too old-fashioned, but if I can't recall and whistle the tune of a song, it's not a song. It's just a bunch of notes.

In Swift's case, it's usually only two or three notes repeated over and over, earning her the sobriquet "Two-note Taylor." It sounds like she's a nice and charitable person. So I've been charitable in that characterization.

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I liked this very much, although I confess I’m worried that you will say that some bands I like aren’t worth listening to. In your expert opinion, what Rock and Roll bands do you think are good and what bands aren’t?

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